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Let us not not use weasel words: things here at have been dormant for years. Years. Sites for Morrie Camhi, Barbara Schubert, and Al Weber are still here, but haven't been updated in some time. (So much for the great idea of creating a site populated by artists we liked. Alas.)

So what's next? Publishing everything from books to portfolios, starting with a single book (over yonder, to your right).

Three Black Squares

Three Black Squares
Cartoons (sort of)
Volumes I-V of ?
David Glenn Rinehart

Three Black Squares is/are, well, three black squares. Cartoons, sort of. They're available on the Internet for free, or you may buy the books for $9.99 if you have a thing for books on paper ...

The specs:

  • Paperback
  • 128 pages, black and white (big surprise, there!)
  • 21 cm x 21 cm (8.25" x 8.25")
Three Black Squares, Volume I of ? Buy it
Three Black Squares, Volume II of ? Obtain it
Three Black Squares, Volume III of ? Purchase it
Three Black Squares, Volume IV of ? Aquire it
Three Black Squares, Volume V of ? Get it

We do the publishing (the fun part), they do the boring bits.

Creating books is certainly fun, packing them and shipping them certainly is not. That’s why the subsidiary handles such tedium and drudgery. Questions about ordering or orders? Here’s where to go:


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